Julie Mendez Joins the Trailing Spouse Network Team

The Trailing Spouse Network is pleased to welcome Julie Mendez of JSM Career Coaching as its Podcast Program Director.  Bringing her wealth of career knowledge and networking contacts to the group, Mendez’s focus is to increase the quantity and quality of Trailing Spouse Network’s podcast offerings.

Mendez is also a trailing spouse herself, following her own Foreign Service spouse through four different countries and three continents to date. She knows first-hand the professional difficulty of expat life – since following her spouse in his career meant the end of her own as a recruiter. Fortunately Mendez has been able to parlay her employment background into her own portable business as a Career Coach. It is this experience, as well as her employment industry background, which Mendez will utilize in expanding the TSN podcasts series.

“I am very excited about joining the Trailing Spouse Network team,” commented Mendez. “All ‘accompanying spouses,’ whether Foreign Service, military, or expat, hold a special place in my heart. I hope that as we grow, Trailing Spouse Network becomes a community for those seeking to deal with the employment –related challenges of this lifestyle.”

To this end, Trailing Spouse Network is also looking for guest speakers for upcoming podcasts, and seeks submissions from anyone that has a topic of interest to the expat community. Podcasts are pre-recorded and approximately 20-30 minutes in length, with a relaxed, discussion-style format. Julie Mendez can be reached through the Trailing Spouse Network website at: www.trailingspouse.net/contact.


Trailing Spouse Network focuses on the professional life of expats. Its goal is to build global discussion and collaboration on employment and business matters as it relates to the “trailing spouses” of the world. For more information on the Trailing Spouse Network, please visit www.trailingspouse.net.


Julie Mendez of JSM Career Coaching offers a full package of job search coaching services (including resume and interview coaching) to job seekers around the globe. A graduate of New York University, she has experience in the recruitment industry, including as a Branch Manager for a placement agency in Washington, DC.

Because of her gypsy lifestyle following her spouse’s diplomatic career around the world, Mendez has also had the opportunity to serve as the Community Liaison Office Coordinator at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy; where she developed programs and initiatives to maintain high morale and enhance the quality of life for the US diplomatic community.

As a Career Coach with JSM Career Coaching, Mendez has led employment-related teleseminars for several US Embassy communities, and also has been a teleseminar presenter for the National Resume Writer Association. Mendez has received the CJSS (Certified Job Search Strategist), TCCS (Twitter Certified Career Strategist), and CCMC (Certified Career Management Coach) certifications from Job Search Academy. She is also a Behavioral Specialist and Authorized DISC Administrator. Mendez is a member of the The National Resume Writing Association, the Interview Coaching Association, and the International Coaching Federation.

For more information, contact Julie Mendez via email at JulieMendez@jsmcareercoaching.com, or through her web site at www.jsmcareercoaching.com.