Job Search Strategist Joins Elite Group

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Julie Mendez, CJSS
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When Julie Mendez looked for even better ways to serve career-minded professionals; she decided to pursue world-class training through Job Search Academy.

With a 4-to-1 jobseekers-to-jobs ratio in today’s economy, job seekers have a new ally on the job hunt. Mendez, Career Coach with JSM Career Coaching took time from her business to join an elite group of career professionals in a rigorous, hands-on curriculum that spanned 12 weeks.

Susan Britton Whitcomb, nationally known leader in the careers industry, and the President of Career Coach Academy and Job Search Academy, and Beverly Harvey, Director of Job Search Academy and President of Harvey Careers, co-developed the program. A comprehensive curriculum with practical coaching assignments rounded out the program that included intense training in all phases of the contemporary and customary job search strategies and tactics including those that have emerged as a result of the social media impact on recruiting trends. The course included 6 hours of self-directed study, weekly field work, a client case study, and testing in comprehensive job-search strategies. Julie Mendez passed the tests to earn the Certified Job Search Strategist credential, an excellent addition to his/her many years of experience with job seekers.

To help people win and succeed in fully satisfying careers, Julie Mendez now has even more powerful tools, including knowledge of:

- Job Search System & Process, including the Academy’s proprietary “40 Steps to a Savvy Search”
- Many of the latest “Contemporary” and “Customary” job search strategies
- Exclusive project management tools designed exclusively for job search efficiency and momentum
- Job search case studies for a dozen challenging situations

“I can offer so much more than the sum of what I learned,” said Mendez. “And, I have an expanded circle of colleagues who share my dedication to partnering with people who want to manage meaningful careers and move forward faster.”

“I’m excited about expanding service for everyone—from people just entering the work force, to those people who want a better job, to very senior managers determined to make a greater contribution.”

Julie Mendez’s company is JSM Career Coaching. Mendez may be reached at JulieMendez@jsmcareercoaching.com and www.jsmcareercoaching.com