New Career Coach Targets Foreign Service Family Members

Julie Mendez of JSM Career Coaching “Opens Her Doors” and Offers a Discount to Foreign Service Family Members

Julie Mendez entered the Foreign Service the way many do – through marrying the man of her dreams. But following him in his career meant the end of her own as a recruiter. Luckily (for both herself and her clients), she has been able to parlay her employment background into her new calling as a Career Coach.
Mendez’s intimate knowledge of the Foreign Service lifestyle is only half of what makes her unique in her field; her recruiting background provides her clients an insider’s perspective on what a potential recruiter or employer looks for in a successful candidate.

“We also operate differently than traditional resume writers,” commented Julie Mendez. “We do not write the resume for our client, but coach them through the process themselves. We use this as a learning tool, so that when our client walks into his or her interview, he or she will able to talk with confidence about their resume and work experience. We feel that you will achieve better results if you have worked on your resume yourself, versus having someone else doing it all for you.”

JSM Career Coaching’s other current services include interview and job search coaching. These sessions are designed to assist the Foreign Service family member with various issues such as cover letters, job search tips and assistance, interviewing skills, and practice through role play and other exercises. All services have one caveat in mind – that a client walk away with a “tangible,” measurable outcome at the end of his or her sessions, and are practical and useful.

Sessions are conveniently done via the internet, email, and phone, so that the client has immediate access no matter where they may be located. A discount is also offered to all Foreign Service and military family members.

“I understand it’s not just about finding just A job but THE job;” stated Julie Mendez. “It is my personal mission to empower Foreign Service family members by giving them the skills they need to land the particular job they want and deserve.”

A graduate of New York University, Julie Mendez of JSM Career Coaching has over five years in the executive search and recruitment industries, the most recent as a Branch Manager for a temporary placement agency in Washington, DC. Because of her “gypsy lifestyle” following her husband’s Foreign Service career around the world, Mendez has also had the opportunity to serve as the Community Liaison Officer at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy; where she developed programs and initiatives to maintain high morale and enhance the quality of life for the US diplomatic community.

For more information, contact Julie Mendez via email at JulieMendez@jsmcareercoaching.com, or through her web site at http://www.jsmcareercoaching.com/.