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Achieving Success in Any Career, Part 1

Reading this article, 3 Simple Tips to Achieving Success in Any Career,  I found some great career tips to share. “Relationships come first,” Jeff said. “Content comes second.”  Now, this is the exact opposite of what the majority of folks in the midst of their career think. And it’s the opposite of what I believe our …

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How Can Public Speaking Help Your Job Search?

1. Confidence calms nerves! If you can speak to a room of five hundred, then being thrust into a panel interview of ten people won’t throw you! 2. Networking Contacts Galore! At most networking events you attend, you be speaking to individuals one at a time. But if you were the “featured speaker” at that same event, you would …

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Public Speaking Resources

Public Speaking is a great skill to add to your “tool belt.” If you’re interested in strengthening your public speaking skills or starting to speak in public for the very first time, visit www.AmericanSpeaker.com for more resources. One article addressed the “3 Steps to Better Public Speaking” to ensure that you’ll deliver a polished presentation: Prepare: Understand …

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