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Achieving Success in Any Career, Part 1

Reading this article, 3 Simple Tips to Achieving Success in Any Career,  I found some great career tips to share. “Relationships come first,” Jeff said. “Content comes second.”  Now, this is the exact opposite of what the majority of folks in the midst of their career think. And it’s the opposite of what I believe our …

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Favorite Interview Questions Friday!

Favorite Interview Questions Friday! Each Friday I will bring you a few questions to review and practice as you get ready for your next interview! (And be sure to check out my monthly newsletter where I will feature interview questions each month!)  Career Goals 1.  Tell me about your career goals. 2.  What would you like …

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Is Your Job Search Paralyzed?

I recently received a “sales” email from from a “business process” company (helping you set up processes to “automate” your small business), and it reminded me of how job seekers can also be paralyzed by all the work and paper involved in their job search! Think about it. Have you ever just stared at your …

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Always, Always, ALWAYS take the High Road

I was having a talk with a client recently, who was dealing with a difficult exit out of her current position. She was quite worried about how to handle her exit interview, and what to do if it became “contentious.” For this particular situation, I described it to her as if we had exit interviews …

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Do You Hate Your Job Search?

Do you hate your job? Do you hate your job search? Those strong feelings of hate or dislike are exacerbating the situation you’re in. It’s the old saying: What you focus on grows. Focus on how much you hate your job/hate job search, and you’ll hate your job/job searching even more. However, expert research has …

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The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is once again in the news this week, partially because of Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech at the Academy Awards: “He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand. He has shown me that its a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates…” I’m going to …

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New Webinar! LinkedIn on Steroids: Maximize Your Profile and Get Real Results (Part 1)

It’s back! My LinkedIn Webinar Training is Back! Are you ready to pump up your profile? Want to know all the behind-the-scenes secrets of LinkedIn? This is my LinkedIn 101 course – designed to pump up your profile so that you can take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer (coming up in Part …

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Networking for a Career Explorer

Recently, I was speaking to a client who is considering changing careers. He felt that there was no point in networking! Does that sound like you? Let me suggest you look at networking from a different perspective: If you are looking to change your career path, you are (what we in Career Coach land refer …

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Government Shut Down Sale!

The Government Shut Down. But I Want to Get YOU Back to Work! Since we’re “celebrating” the first government shut down in 17 years, I decided we might as well actually CELEBRATE it, right? And so, here at JSM Career Coaching, we are holding our first ever Gov’t Shut-Down Sale! [important]Get 10% of all services …

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Using An Internship to Get a Job (as an “Experienced” Employee)?

Recently, I posted the article, “4 Ways to Deal With an Employment Gap on Your Resume,” on LinkedIn with the comment: “Interesting article – it focuses on temp/contract assignments, which I do agree with- but doesn’t mention other options: like going back to school for more training (certifications or a degree), internships (yes, even for …

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