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Monday Motivation

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Create a Great Personal “Business” Card

Having a personal business card can be extremely helpful when you are networking for your next job. I would recommend picking a good sturdy weight paper for your business cards. Don’t print your own on regular copy paper and cut them out! Choose a clear font that is easily readable. Make sure list your name, …

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Networking Tips for Success!

Are you terrified of networking? Do you feel it’s “not for you”??? Here are a few tips that will help set you up for success! Put the focus on others! Don’t go into the event looking only for what you can get out of the meeting. Look for how you can help others! Networking events …

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Sitting During Your Job Search Too Much?

These articles came up amongst my resume writer group recently, and given how much we as career coaches and resume writers are sitting in front of a computer, it created some lively discussion! The Health Hazards of Sitting Sitting Will Kill You, Even If You Exercise Why Sitting Is Killing You Sitting So Much Should …

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Encouragement When Going Through Change

I wanted to share with you a little encouragement today. Oh, isn’t this so true? And so true about our job search experience as well?   I firmly believe that there is a position/place/purpose out there for each one of us. I have never had anyone disagree with me when I have said this. Out …

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Successful People Read Books!

As a follow up to my post last month, What Books Are You Reading?, I wanted to share with an excerpt from something I saw today: You Should Never Say These 7 Things If You Want To Be Successful At Work. Each year, we come across new statistics that show fewer people are reading. According …

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Kindness Connects Us

Check out this article: The Biology of Kindness: How It Makes Us Happier and Healthier “The vagus is intimately tied to how we connect with one another — it links directly to nerves that tune our ears to human speech, coordinate eye contact and regulate emotional expressions. It influences the release of oxytocin, a hormone …

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I wanted to share this today to encourage you AND to challenge you. Integrity is one “professional skill” that I cannot “teach” but is worth more to your career than a million career coaching sessions. What is Integrity? It’s your BRAND – it’s the best thing to be known for in this crazy world nowadays. …

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REPOST: Networking for a Career Explorer

Recently, I was speaking to a client who is considering changing careers. He felt that there was no point in networking! Does that sound like you? Let me suggest you look at networking from a different perspective: If you are looking to change your career path, you are (what we in Career Coach land refer …

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Achieving Success in Any Career, Part 2

(To read part 1 of this series, click here.) Reading this article, 3 Simple Tips to Achieving Success in Any Career,  I found some great career tips to share. “Relationships come first,” Jeff said. “Content comes second.”  I love that this article focuses on building relationships! What is “building relationships” when you take the career jargon …

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