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Create a Great Personal “Business” Card

Having a personal business card can be extremely helpful when you are networking for your next job. I would recommend picking a good sturdy weight paper for your business cards. Don’t print your own on regular copy paper and cut them out! Choose a clear font that is easily readable. Make sure list your name, …

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How Business Cards Can Be Your Best Marketing Tool!

Recently, when I spoke at Beltway Job Search Partners in the DC area, I had a job seeker hand me one of his business cards and I just had to share the experience with all of you. I loved his business card. Loved it so much, that immediately after that break I interrupted my “regular …

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What’s the Point of Business Cards?

JSM Career Coaching has been undergoing quite a face lift! A new move, a new city, a new website and branding (currently in process), and now new business cards! How do you like them? Recently, I’ve read online that some think business cards are obsolete. Not so! True, they are not the generic address and …

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