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Ask a Career Coach – Episode 4 – #30DS Day 18

#LinkedInLocalNova is tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! For this episode of #AskACareerCoach, Laini Fultz  and I talk about our experience with the last #LinkedInLocal event. #Networking is so important for your #career! You can find your closest group at LinkedLocally.com. And we both look forward to seeing each of you at #LinkedInLocalNoVA tonight!! …

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Ask a Career Coach Episode 3- #30DS Day 12

We’re back with another episode of #AskACareerCoach and Laini Fultz. Now, Laini might not be willing toot her own horn enough, so I’m going to do it for her! Laini’s a Continuous improvement expert with a PMP and Six Sigma background. #Recuiters, take note of this fabulous #jobseeker, contact her today! Today, Laini has a …

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