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What’s Your Brand?

Have you seen this new game? Yes, now as a society, we are so branded we create board games out of it. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the concept of BRANDING has invaded the job search world as well. I know I’ve been talking about it myself for years. But that doesn’t mean it’s …

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Maximize that Job Fair!

Job fairs seem to be popping up like the flowers in my yard, so let’s review how to maximize your job fair experience! 1. Keep realistic expectations First of all, you need to realize and accept that you will not be offered a job at a job fair. You won’t even begin the formal interview …

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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday again! (They never seem to stop, do they?) Well, let’s make the best of it. Get your game plan together – how many and which networking events are you going to this week? Who is on your call list today? What work do you need to do – resume, 30 second commercial, interview …

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