Organizing Your To Do Lists – #30DS Day 7

I love to-do lists! Even more, I love scratching things off my to-do lists! (And yes, I have added items to my lists, just so I could scratch them off. I admit it!)

Many of my clients get overwhelmed with HOW MUCH there is to do in a job search! The to-do list might feel a mile long.

One super easy and VERY EFFECTIVE trick I do for myself is to categorize my tasks. After brainstorming and brain-dumping my master-list out on paper, I categorize similar tasks together. I usually have a Call Sheet (phone calls), Email list, writing projects, and so on.

Then I block specific chunks of time on work on those specific categories, at the times that fit the best. Phone calls are obviously best done during the day and not 11pm at night. But emails and writing projects? I can do those anytime. Writing projects I schedule for chunks of time where I not going to be constantly interrupted. My “to be read one day” folder is perfect for when I’m stuck in line at the DMV.

Each week I go through my calendar and see where those various categories might best fit.

Large-scale projects I might choose to make my major focus overall for a week/month, until it’s done. (Hint: my taxes took a month. Ugh. Time to possibly outsource that next year.)

At the gym, commuting, or folding 18 piles of laundry? I have a long-overdue list of podcasts to listen to.

Plus: I always have random stash of to-do in my bag for those random, in-between, moments. Stuck in the carpool line? Waiting for an appointment? Pull out that industry magazine I’ve been working my way through. And so on.

With a little bit of organization, this categorizing your to-do list and “block chunking” of your calendar can work perfectly for you as well – whether it be to further your job search OR ongoing career goals!

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Originally posted on LinkedIn here.