Burying the Lead – #30DS Day 6

Are you burying the lead in your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profiles are set up in such a way that you often have to click “see more,” or scroll down to find all of the content.

Let’s face it; people WON’T do this unless you make them WANT to!

“Burying the Lead” is a newspaper concept (back in the days when folks read actual newspapers!) that you LEAD with the lead concept. You don’t build up to the main point or moral of the story; you START with the main point, and the rest of the article is there to back it up that point.

Why? Because readers might not read the whole article, so they won’t GET THE POINT if you don’t lead with it!

The same goes for your entire LinkedIn profile:

*Do the first two lines of your summary MAKE someone want to “see more”?

*Do your accomplishments in each job description make them want to know MORE about what you’ve done?

If you bury your lead and no one reads it, then what is the point of doing all that great work in the first place?

How else can you “lead with your lead”?

If you would like to learn more #LinkedIntips, feel free to message me about my #LinkedIn webinars! (See, that’s burying the lead!)

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