Who to Follow – #30DS Day 4

There is SO MUCH content on LinkedIn that it can be easy for GREAT CONTENT to get buried! So today I wanted to recommend my favorite folks that I follow myself!

Guy Berger, – He’s the “LinkedIn Stats” guy for me (and y’all know I love stats). He breaks down random economic jargon into actually useful information. When he shows up in my feed, I always pay attention!

Liz Ryan – I just like her straight up, no-nonsense approach on all job search topics, and almost radical approach to our industry.

Ben Rea – creator of the #30DS challenge!

Jon Meadows, – a local photographer with great tips/thoughts about pictures here on LinkedIn, plus an all-around nice guy!

Rod Ferrier, @Meg Miller – my new partners-in-crime in our #LinkedInLocalNoVA group!

Robert Brandau – Leader of the local jobseeker group Career Confidence, which is THE BEST local jobseeker group in the area, bar none!

Laini Fultz – She’s sweet, wicked-smart, fun, and she’s looking for a job – so everyone check out her profile and her content! Introduce her and refer her to those hiring! Somebody snatch her up before she’s gone!

Who do you guys pay attention to?

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Originally posted on LinkedIn here.