My Why – #30DS Day 3

Today’s challenge is to tell a personal story about why you do what you do. So here is part of my story that I don’t actually think I’ve shared before.

On 9-11, in New York City, after the horror, after spending hours running/walking/trudging through streets and finally, making it home very late that evening, I lay in bed thinking, “There is more this than this.”

I realized that job that I ran out of our building from early that morning – that life and those career goals – made no positive difference in this world. I had not focused on improving the lives of those around me, of being a light, or bringing good into this world. My goals at that time were fairly self-centered, though not intentionally so.

And so, I thought, “there is more to this than this.”

Now, of course, it took me a lot longer to figure out exactly what that turned into for me! It really was a journey to discover this calling I have now. My first inkling was when I was recruiting, and a candidate sat at my desk talking about how he needed help getting a job because he just wanted to keep a roof over his kids’ head and food on their table. A lightbulb went off. THIS. This is how I could make a difference and help others.

Through a couple more twists and turns that eventually morphed into the Career Coaching I do now, I still keep that in mind. My passion is to help and to improve the lives around me. To make the world just a little bit better place. Career Coaching is just the gift I’ve been given to do that. Sometimes that may be on a grand scale like speaking in front of a large group. Often it’s in the one-on-one individual interactions of client relationships. Occasionally it’s through the non-profits and organizations I now support.

I would love to hear from you. How do you improve the lives of those around you? Make the world a better place? Why do you do what you do?

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