Career Journey – #30DS Day 17

I think I’m on my 5th #careerchange by now.

I wanted to throw out that bit of hope for those of you who are looking to change careers.

Looking back, I can see how each of those “final destinations” was but a pit stop on the path I am on today. Each one of those “almost, but not quite” roles was actually NECESSARY as part of my experience for what I do NOW.

It sure didn’t feel like it at the time. Trying to change #careers, and the self-discovery needed to do so, wasn’t always fun. The struggle is real. (And I wish I’d had a #CareerCoach at the time to help me get through it quicker and easier! 🙂 )

But now that I’m through the muck and on the other side? Now that I’m living my #purpose and doing exactly what I’m meant to do?



So please, if you are still searching, don’t give up! Keep going! Don’t try to do it alone like I did – find support, mentors, and a #Career #Coach to help you on your way!

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