Skill Mastery = Practice + Magic – #30DS Day 11

“Thank you so much for your #presentation tonight! It was fun & informative!”

“Hi Julie, awesome session last night! Thanks so much for your #insights!”

Last night I spoke at a local group about how to “Pitch Yourself with a Powerful Introduction.” It was a great #speaking experience – one of those magical #events where all the stars align, everything flowed perfectly, the group was attentive, and they LAUGHED AT ALL MY JOKES. You know – magic!

But I can’t just rely on magic.

Behind that one hour event were hundreds of hours sharing with clients, refining my thoughts, and also years of presenting before high-level executives; not to mention years a four-year degree in Shakespeare and Musical Theater. (Yup. Geek.)

Building any skill takes time and effort, and the relentless pursuit of growth. They say it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery. Maybe, but mastering a skill (public speaking, in this case) isn’t enough; the next level is finding the joy and yes, FUN, in utilizing that skill. And that is the point where MAGIC HAPPENS.

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