Starting a New Challenge – #30DS Day 1

Starting a new challenge. Trying something new. It can be intimidating.

Having a motivational support group makes the difference between goal success and goal failure (aka. the Weight Watchers model). We know this. We join exercise classes, fitness groups, and professional business associations and more. Why? Because “groups” bring community, they bring motivation and support, and those things encourage CONSISTENCY. And consistency is what BRINGS RESULTS.

I love this about the #30DS concept. ( It’s not just what to write each day, but it’s also a support group with a common goal – to using sharing here on LinkedIn as a way to connect and grow. I’ve been observing for a while, the participants are an encouraging bunch!

Maybe you look at this “LinkedIn thing” and know you’re SUPPOSED to post “stuff” but are too overwhelmed to start. This challenge is for you.

To practice what I preach, and with the belief that I should never ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to first do myself, I’m finally getting started in my own #30DS experiment. I love directions and timed challenges. I’m super excited and extremely curious to see what this 30-day challenge brings.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn here.