March 2018 archive

My Why – #30DS Day 3

Today’s challenge is to tell a personal story about why you do what you do. So here is part of my story that I don’t actually think I’ve shared before. On 9-11, in New York City, after the horror, after spending hours running/walking/trudging through streets and finally, making it home very late that evening, I …

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Keep Motivated – #30DS Day 2

How do you keep yourselves motivated through the peaks and valleys? Of course, the uphill climbs and peaks naturally spur toward new motivation because you can feel and see forward progress towards your goals! The slumps though – not as easy. It’s harder to see when you are in the valley. Your view gets blocked …

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Starting a New Challenge – #30DS Day 1

Starting a new challenge. Trying something new. It can be intimidating. Having a motivational support group makes the difference between goal success and goal failure (aka. the Weight Watchers model). We know this. We join exercise classes, fitness groups, and professional business associations and more. Why? Because “groups” bring community, they bring motivation and support, …

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