January 2016 archive

How Vital Are You?

This is a great exercise, and another way to look at at that interview question, “So, why should I hire you?” How “VITAL” are you to an organization? V – What makes you valuable? I – What makes you difficult to imitate? T – Are you transparent? i.e. do people know how you think and …

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Publishing on LinkedIn

Since it has been quite a while since I’ve written about LinkedIn, I thought it might be a great time to share again! Today I want to focus on “Publishing” on LinkedIn. If you have already mastered LinkedIn and developed your career brand, publishing on LinkedIn is a great way to build and publicly share …

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Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

Once you have a strong and robust profile, and know how to use LinkedIn to generate networking and research, you might want to move to a more high-level use of LinkedIn: Branding. Your Brand is what you what you are known as and known for. If you were a product that you were selling, how …

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