New Year! New Start to Your Job Search! (repost)

(This is a re-posting of an article originally shared December 2014.)


January is here! Are you freaking out?

Chances are, if you took December off from your job search, you just might be. It’s always hard to get the ball rolling if you’ve let it stop. (That’s just Newton’s law of inertia: “An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it.” Never thought I’d be quoting science principles as a Career Coach!)

So, how do you get the ball rolling again?

1. First of all, FILL UP YOUR CALENDAR! Networking events, informational coffees/lunches with contacts, training programs. Get out of the house and get talking to as many people as possible this month!

2. Discover your PASSION. What is it that you can’t help but speak up about? Particular parts (cause, topic, issue) of your job that get you revved up? GOOD! Find ways to channel that passion and use that energy to propel you forward!

3. PRACTICE and STUDY! Stage Fright (freaking out when you’re in the spotlight) is a very real issue. Preparation and practice are pretty much the only ways to build your confidence so you can defeat it. What does this mean? Practicing your intro and interview role play, doing them over and over until your brain bleeds, then visualizing yourself successfully performing!

These are all areas where a Certified Career Coach can help you this month. Contact me now at to get on my calendar! (PS. Getting help from a trusted mentor and accountability are more ways to “force” that inertia far, far away!)