Encouragement When Going Through Change

I wanted to share with you a little encouragement today.

CSlewis quoteOh, isn’t this so true?

And so true about our job search experience as well?


I firmly believe that there is a position/place/purpose out there for each one of us. I have never had anyone disagree with me when I have said this.

Out loud, anyway.

The journey to get there isn’t easy. It’s strewn with self-doubt blocked by obstacles such as fears. And often, one of the biggest fears of stepping forward in confidence is the COST.

The COST, the unknown of what’s outside our comfort zone, is what keeps us from moving forward. Is it worth it? What will change? How will I change? Can I do it? Will I survive the process?


I hope to let you know that you are not alone! If you’re in that scary moment in your journey, please know that this is normal! It is hard work to do something new.

It’s so worth it.

Don’t give up yet!

The rewards are great!