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New Year! New Start to Your Job Search! (repost)

(This is a re-posting of an article originally shared December 2014.)   January is here! Are you freaking out? Chances are, if you took December off from your job search, you just might be. It’s always hard to get the ball rolling if you’ve let it stop. (That’s just Newton’s law of inertia: “An object …

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Recruiting Reality

Here are a couple statistics that you should really know: 92% of recruiters use social media during the recruiting process. 76% of recruiters view details about volunteer, professional, and social engagement work positively. Referrals and social networks are the most common sources recruiters use to find talent. (Click here to read the entire Jobvite report.) …

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DISC-overing Your Leadership Style

from Jane Roqueplot, from ProfilingPro Which DISC Personal Style is most suited to be a leader? Not sure? That’s because this is a trick question! They all are. Many people make the assumption that one personal style is better at leading than others; however, great leaders have many different personal styles, which include all of …

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