Monthly Archive: March 2015

Use Your Fitness Routine to Understand Your DISC Style

by Jane Roqueplot Understanding DISC styles is understanding predictable behaviors of both the motivation for our goals, and the diversions from our goals. Goal setting and the motivation to reach those goals are based on behavioral styles and personal characteristics. Below is a general breakdown of each DISC core style and tips as each applies …

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What Builds a Strong Solo Entrepreneur Business

For those of you that are considering starting your own business, or in the process, or perhaps are focusing on building your business, here are some great factors to focus on! To have a strong, vibrant, thriving business, your company is going to need these things: Repeat Customers – Customers who pay by subscription, membership, …

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Encouragement When Going Through Change

CSlewis quote

I wanted to share with you a little encouragement today. Oh, isn’t this so true? And so true about our job search experience as well?   I firmly believe that there is a position/place/purpose out there for each one of us. I have never had anyone disagree with me when I have said this. Out …

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Successful People Read Books!

As a follow up to my post last month, What Books Are You Reading?, I wanted to share with an excerpt from something I saw today: You Should Never Say These 7 Things If You Want To Be Successful At Work. Each year, we come across new statistics that show fewer people are reading. According …

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