Congratulations to Gina! Our Newest Job Search Graduate!

Congrats to Gina – who has recently graduated from her job search into her career!

What is your new position and what company?

My new position is a Product and Business Development manager for a company called Aptara. They are a business process outsourcing firm that provides e-learning and web support. I will be heading up their legal process outsourcing division in the US. This is a global company and I will be able to travel overseas. I love to travel so it was a great benefit to the position.

What service/coaching advice helped you the most?

Learning who I am, what I can do/how I can help them and what I am looking for. Really honing it in was key for me. I gave them a presentation on Wednesday and at the end of the presentation I asked for the job.

What tips/advice do you have for other jobseekers out there?

1. Don’t give up. 2. Get help if you need it (even if you are tenured). 3. Remember what you can do and focus on that.

Networking ideas: what worked for you?

I found this job because I was client of the company at my last job. One of their employees reached out to me to connect on LinkedIn and it sparked an idea. I visited their website and connected with their COO/Head of sales. You can’t be afraid to reach out to people. Not all connections will work. I sent a number of emails to people with follow up resumes and didn’t get anywhere. Think about where you’d like to work and what you might do there and start connecting with people. DO NOT wait for the jobs to come- they may never come.

What is one thing you wish you knew or had been told at the beginning of your job search?

Do not seem like you will be ANY work for them. If you have the background in the non-subject matter job requirements, focus on those requirements and make the subject matter part seem a distance 2nd or 3d. Unless you are interviewing for a position as a doctor or chemist, most likely you can learn their product/service easily. I made the mistake of focusing on a subject matter deficit for a position where I was otherwise qualified e.g. industry, clients, job duties, and that cost me the job. I created work for them (I definitely learned this from Julie!)

Congrats again Gina!