Favorite Interview Questions Friday!

Favorite Interview Questions Friday! Each Friday I will bring you a few questions to review and practice as you get ready for your next interview! (And be sure to check out my monthly newsletter where I will feature interview questions each month!

1.  Can you articulate a vision for an organization and then follow through on it?  What if some in the workplace do not agree with your vision, what do you do with them?

2.  Provide an example of a time in your career when you created something new or implemented an innovative program to improve efficiency and ultimately improve support to your customer.  In hindsight, what would you have done differently?

3.  Tell us about your experience managing resources such as budgets, external training requirements, space, and equipment?  Have you ever applied risk management or cost benefit analysis to your decision-making?

4.  What is your experience with integrating new technologies into the workplace in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness?  Provide an example.