Favorite Interview Questions Friday!

Favorite Interview Questions Friday! Each Friday I will bring you a few questions to review and practice as you get ready for your next interview! (And be sure to check out my monthly newsletter where I will feature interview questions each month!

1. Tell us about your background and the qualifications you possess that make you the best qualified candidate?

2. Please tell us what you know about this job.  Please describe the skills/background that you bring to this position that you believe uniquely qualify you for this job and make you our most competitive candidate?

3. Please describe your experience with managing change and fostering innovation.

4. Please describe your experience with managing facilities and your approach to managing customer relationships.

5. Two core values of XX are fiscal stewardship and providing customers with best value products and services. Please discuss what “fiscal stewardship” and “best value” means to you, and how will you apply these to your job.