April 2011 archive

#FollowFridays on Twitter

Do you guys know what #FollowFridays (or #FF) is on Twitter? It’s a way of recommending people to follow to your friends and to those that follow you. Who should you recommend? I always suggest influential decision makers or “those in the know” in your industry and community. An added plus: they can see that you …

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Quotes On Resumes?

Using a quote, testimonial, reference or statistical chart on your resume is simply using someone else’s words to prove what you’re saying on your resume! It’s a visual effect, that used correctly, has proven to demonstrate your value to an employer. Places to glean information for quotes: 1. Reference Letters 2. LinkedIn Recommendations 3. Yearly Performance Reviews 4. Vendors …

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Network Magic

If you discovered a cure for cancer, yet told no one, what good would it do? If you are the hidden solution for someone else’s problem, it benefits no one. You are educated, talented, skilled, and experienced. Get the word out – through network magic. To thrive in this competitive economic environment, now more than …

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Motivational Messages

 Doubt kills success. You must believe in yourself.    When one door closes, a window opens. Look at every experience as an opportunity.   It’s not who you ARE that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not!