Online Networking Opportunities – The Conversation Prism

Are you networking enough? Do you even know what opportunities are out there for you to connect to others online? To help you, Brian Solis has created something called The Conversation Prism:

They use this image to represent all Social Media sites, and are constantly improving it, as new products emerge. (I know the picture above is not possible to read. To download your own copy or perhaps buy a poster version, click here.)
I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about media and networking sites, but even I’ve found some great new resources to check out.
And if you read further in the post in his blog (click here), you’ll notice that he’s mapped out his own social networking (social map). I highly applaud this as a fantastic exercise, and encourage all of you to do the same. Look for are on the prism where your “map” might be lacking, and investigate some of the options to increase your social networking visibility.
Thanks Brian, for such a great resource!