How to Maximize Your Use of LinkedIn

Finally, I’ve come across the best and most simple breakdown of how and why to use LinkedIn.In this “A Visual Guide to LinkedIn for Job Hunters,” there is a drill-down map of the various ways to use LinkedIn to expand your networking opportunities and look for a job. I’ve never seen an explanation of LinkedIn quite so simple and easy to follow.

As most (if not all, haha) of my clients know, I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn, and the opportunities that arise from there. If you are in a job search situation nowadays, not being a part of social/professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can actually be detrimental to your career search. So, if you haven’t signed up, do so now. If you aren’t active on the site, I strongly encourage you to log on now and get active. (And yes, I take my own advice: here is my own LinkedIn profile.  I’m happy to connect with all of my readers and clients.)

In addition,‘s blog seems informative and chock-full of interesting articles of information. Thanks Applicant, for the great road map to LinkedIn!