“Hire Me!”

I really enjoyed this article, “What Says to Employers, ‘Hire Me!‘” Finally, an article about job search that says something new and interesting, and one step deeper than the generic article.

A couple of quotes that I want to pass along and make sure you see:

  • The resume needs to stand out above all the rest, without being unprofessional.
  • Make it easy on the eyes. “Envision a hiring manager looking at a resume like a driver going by a billboard. Try to make it absorbable at high speeds.”
  • It’s never one-size-fits-all. “Don’t try to sell what you are selling; sell what the employer is buying. Make sure your resume fits the position and the organization where you are seeking employment,” George says. “Hiring managers look at skill set, education, experience and where you got that experience. They want to make sure you are going to be able to do the job and fit into the corporate culture.”
  • Apply at companies that aren’t seeking candidates. “Read the business pages to find out what businesses are growing,” says Laura George, author of “Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting.” “Send such companies a resume and a letter explaining what you can bring to the organization.”
  • Keep your responses job-related. Many job seekers start off the interview on the wrong note when they respond to the statement, “Tell me about yourself,” Palmer says. “Job seekers give a personal response instead of a professional response. Your response will say, ‘Hire me,’ if you tailor your responses to the position you are applying for. Review that job announcement the night before the interview and write out some bullet points for yourself to speak to the employer’s needs.”

I hope you all enjoy the article!