October 2009 archive

Happy Monday Morning, Job Seekers!

Hello there! Yep, it’s Monday Morning! Time to rise and shine and start the week off right! (No, I’m not a naturally chipper morning person. But the littlest Mendez has been up since 6am, so it’s practically mid-morning for me by now!) So, let’s talk about your job search week. Do you have your to-do …

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“You Aren’t George Clooney, Get Your Social Networking Act in Gear!”

I receive quite a bit of spam and junk mail due to owning my own business, most of which I just delete without even looking at it. But last week I received an article with this title, and had to open it right away. Though this article is specifically geared to business owners, many of …

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Record Competition Means YOU need an EDGE in your Job Search!

According to this article on DailyFinance.com, the job search environment is worse than it has been in 70 years. That’s right, 70 years. “You would have to go back about 70 years to find a time in US history when it was tougher to find a job than it is now.” With record unemployment in …

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