March 2009 archive

Senators Unveil Bill to Streamline Federal Hiring

This is something to keep an eye on . . . ************** “Senators Unveil Bill to Streamline Federal Hiring” A Senate bill introduced today would reshape the federal government’s hiring and recruitment process, forcing agencies to post job announcements in plain writing and fill vacancies in no more than 80 days. The Federal Hiring …

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“Second Acts: The Late Bloomer”

Here is a lovely article from, written by Kathryn Joosten, an actress I’ve always enjoyed. It’s all about her eclectic career path from being a nurse to an Emmy-winning actress. Hopefully her story give you a bit of inspiration! Julie Mendez ********************* Second Acts: The Late Bloomer By Kathryn Joosten Some people in Hollywood …

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FedEx Office Provides Free Resume Printing Today!

FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinkos) will provide FREE résumé printing, today only – March 10, 2009. See below for complete details! Free Resume Printing (Thank you to my colleagues in the NRWA for passing this information along!) Julie Mendez JSM Career Coaching

Watch What You Post On Facebook! It Might Get You Fired!

Folks, you have no idea how often stuff like this happens. From Facebook, MySpace, bulliten boards, blogs, etc. – employers ARE watching. It’s even worse when you’re applying for jobs. So EVERYONE, please watch what you post online. The anonymity of the Internet is a fallacy. You will get found out! “Facebook Post Gets Worker …

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