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Career Journey – #30DS Day 17

I think I’m on my 5th #careerchange by now.

I wanted to throw out that bit of hope for those of you who are looking to change careers.

Looking back, I can see how each of those “final destinations” was but a pit stop on the path I am on today. Each one of those “almost, but not quite” roles was actually NECESSARY as part of my experience for what I do NOW.

It sure didn’t feel like it at the time. Trying to change #careers, and the self-discovery needed to do so, wasn’t always fun. The struggle is real. (And I wish I’d had a #CareerCoach at the time to help me get through it quicker and easier! 🙂 )

But now that I’m through the muck and on the other side? Now that I’m living my #purpose and doing exactly what I’m meant to do?



So please, if you are still searching, don’t give up! Keep going! Don’t try to do it alone like I did – find support, mentors, and a #Career #Coach to help you on your way!

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Ask a Career Coach – Episode 4 – #30DS Day 18

#LinkedInLocalNova is tonight and I couldn’t be more excited!
For this episode of #AskACareerCoach, Laini Fultz  and I talk about our experience with the last #LinkedInLocal event. #Networking is so important for your #career!
You can find your closest group at LinkedLocally.com.
And we both look forward to seeing each of you at #LinkedInLocalNoVA tonight!! Special thanks to Zach Wade and the #MakeOffice team for the space! Come meet some of the fabulous folks I have already met through this group! Jon Meadows, Rod Ferrier , Meg Miller, Douglas Eze, Trey Tatro, Alan Herencia, Glendon Grose, and so many more!


#30DS Review – #30DS Day 16

Here are some recent posts that you might find useful! And I’d love to hear your thoughts on each!

What’s your #PersonalBrand? https://bit.ly/2HNRVK9

Do an Annual Review of Your #Career Documents! https://bit.ly/2qIAliS

Building a Skill Takes Work! https://bit.ly/2qrnjqr

What does a #Career Coach do? https://bit.ly/2EXnSwL

And . . .

#AskACareerCoach – episode 1 https://bit.ly/2GF4VAA

#AskACareerCoach – episode 2 https://bit.ly/2HOAMjT

Day 16 of #30DS #ONO #jobsearch #jobseeker #careerdevelopment #careers #LinkedInVideo #InItTogether #NoVA #DC #leadershipdevelopment #ProfessionalsCorner

Personal Brand – #30DS Day 15

What is this crazy, weird, career coach-y concept of a #personalbrand? What in the world do I mean by that?

Your #brand is very simple. It’s what you want to be known for. It’s what you want to be known as. Your brand message is how your #networking wing-man would introduce you at an event, or what a referral would say about you when he passes along your information.

It’s the message that helps people understand why they want to work with you. Studies show people want to work with those they like and trust.

Regardless of the topics you might discuss on #LinkedIn, that’s the subliminal message you’re hoping to convey behind those words.

What would you say is YOUR #brand?

Day 15 of #30DS #LinkedInContent #LinkedInCreator #ONO #jobsearch #InItTogether #LinkedInLocalNoVA #CareerCoach #Careers #ProfessionalsCorner #LinkedInLocal #DC #VA

Annual Career Document Review – #30DS Day 14

We schedule changing the smoke detector batteries with the changing of Daylight Savings Time; we schedule physicals around our birthdays.

So, I would like to suggest another: Review your #career documents on Tax Day!

As soon as you finish your taxes and send then off to Uncle Sam, start an annual review of your personal career documents.

To read more and find the suggested to-do list I recommend, click here: https://bit.ly/2vi8iwf

Day 14 of #30DS #LinkedInContent #LinkedInCreator #ONO #jobsearch #InItTogether #LinkedInLocalNoVA #CareerCoach #ContentCreators #Careers #ProfessionalsCorner #LinkedInLocal #DC #VA #LinkedInTrainer #jobseekers #LeadershipDevelopment #LearningAndDevelopment

#30DS Lessons Learned – #30DS Day 13

Almost half-way through this #30DaysSocial experiment, and here are a few things I’ve already learned.

  • It’s easiest to prep my messages for these in advance. I write a bunch at once and save them in a document to cut and paste later!
  • So far, the best time to post for me is between 8-9am in the morning. If I post after 10am, my #engagement drops dramatically.
  • Posts earlier in the week seem to do better than later in the week.
  • Searching by #30DS is a great way to look for inspiration for posts! You guys are all so interesting!
  • It’s been far too long since I’ve written FOR FUN. And yes, this has actually been a fun experience!

What would you add to this list? What would you say to someone considering #30DS? For those of you who are ready to jump in and start your own #30DS experiment, go here: https://lnkd.in/dHjuYBJ

Day 13 of #30DS #LinkedInContent #LinkedInCreator #ONO #jobsearch #InItTogether #LinkedInLocalNoVA #CareerCoach #ContentCreators #LinkedInLocal #DC #VA

Ask a Career Coach Episode 3- #30DS Day 12

We’re back with another episode of #AskACareerCoach and Laini Fultz.

Now, Laini might not be willing toot her own horn enough, so I’m going to do it for her! Laini’s a Continuous improvement expert with a PMP and Six Sigma background. #Recuiters, take note of this fabulous #jobseeker, contact her today!

Today, Laini has a fabulous question about #branding for us. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on this question – what would you share with Laini today?

Day 12 of #30DS #LinkedInContent #LinkedInCreator #ONO #jobsearch #InItTogether #LinkedInLocalNoVA #CareerCoach #ContentCreators #Video #Careers #ProfessionalsCorner #LinkedInLocal #DC #VA #LinkedInTrainer

Skill Mastery = Practice + Magic – #30DS Day 11

“Thank you so much for your #presentation tonight! It was fun & informative!”

“Hi Julie, awesome session last night! Thanks so much for your #insights!”

Last night I spoke at a local group about how to “Pitch Yourself with a Powerful Introduction.” It was a great #speaking experience – one of those magical #events where all the stars align, everything flowed perfectly, the group was attentive, and they LAUGHED AT ALL MY JOKES. You know – magic!

But I can’t just rely on magic.

Behind that one hour event were hundreds of hours sharing with clients, refining my thoughts, and also years of presenting before high-level executives; not to mention years a four-year degree in Shakespeare and Musical Theater. (Yup. Geek.)

Building any skill takes time and effort, and the relentless pursuit of growth. They say it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery. Maybe, but mastering a skill (public speaking, in this case) isn’t enough; the next level is finding the joy and yes, FUN, in utilizing that skill. And that is the point where MAGIC HAPPENS.

Day 11 of #30DS #speaker #presenter #eventspeaker #LeadershipDevelopment #LeadershipTraining #EventSpeaker #BusinessTraining #seminar #careercoach #ProfessionalsCorner #ONO #jobsearch #InItTogether #Careers

Career Coach and Career Development – #30DS Day 10

Did you know?

Did you know that a #CareerCoach is about more than just #JobSearchDid you know that a #CareerCoach can help you, even if you’re not currently a #jobseeker?

A #Career #Coach can also help you in your own Career journey – to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Perhaps you are interested in:

Don’t stagnate in your career. Give yourself the EDGE to advancement and growth! And with that, please feel free to check out these group #coaching sessions I’m starting up in the Tysons #VA area! https://lnkd.in/eU25JhA

Day 10 of #30DS #LinkedInFamily #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalNoVA #ProfessionalsCorner #ONO #careers #LinkedIn #InItTogether #careers  #networking #timemanagement #balance #howto

Originally posted on LinkedIn here.

Introverted Networking – #30DS Day 9

Confession: I’m an introvert living an extroverted life in an extroverted world.

Growing up, I had no idea I could even be an introvert. I didn’t think of myself as shy. I was surrounded by extroverts in my family so I assumed I must be extroverted, too! I always felt everyone was awkward with people, like others were better at “socializing” than me. So, I learned to “fake it” and fake it well. I’m very very good at “acting extroverted” for brief periods of time!

Which means instead of an inherent trait or ability, I view “networking” as a learned skill. I’m happy to report that we networkers can become exceptional networkers – even when it is our least favorite thing on the planet to do. (Personally I will confess that I’ve gotten to where I no longer want to poke my eyeballs out rather than network, I actually don’t mind it that much, once I get there.)  For me, having a few tools to cling to has made networking much less of a torture.

Here are my personal tips:

1) Focus on the five people I need to meet, not the 500 people in the room!

2) Personal Business Cards – so much more comfortable to exchange information!

3) Prepped small talk questions in advance – I have built up a small arsenal of good questions to keep the spotlight off me and on the other person, and keep conversation going.

4) Something to offer – I try to have a “freebie” or two I can offer to others, as a reason to email them later on. Maybe a personal tip or idea, and article to pass along later, or resource that might be useful. My goal is to make less about me, but more about helping others.

5) A Job – Give me something I can do with my hands! I always volunteer to help out – registration table, greeting people at the door, picking up garbage, whatever.

6) Help another Introvert Out – I often will look out for another introvert, and try to help them feel more comfortable, help them get started chatting. Again, focusing on others is a great way to be less focused on feeling awkward myself!

7) Comfortable shoes – Sound weird, but if I’m uncomfortable standing there chatting, it seems to translate into everything else I do. So, good comfortable shoes are a must!

#IntrovertsUnite! We CAN #network, as long as we do it OUR way and in OUR style! Please share your own #networkingtips below!

Day 9 of #30DS #ProfessionalsCorner #ONO #careers #LinkedIn #InItTogether #jobsearch #jobseekers #careers #CareerCoach

Originally posted on LinkedIn here.